Fears for Gwyneth Paltrow after stalker walks free

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Gwyneth Paltrow is devastated after her ‘stalker’ of 17-years walked free yesterday.

The life of a celebrity comes with the glitz and glamour, but it’s not all sunshine and lollipops - there's a very dark side too. And Gwyneth Paltrow has had to endure it for over a decade.

Chris Martin’s ex-wife claimed to a jury that Ohio man Dante Soiu, 66, had been ‘stalking’ the actress and her family, posting her unsettling letters that left Paltrow in fear for her and her children’s lives.

66-year-old Dante Soiu was found not guilty. IMAGE | TWITTER

However, the jury found Soiu not guilty because there wasn’t enough evidence to prove Soiu actually intended to frighten the actress.

Paltrow gave evidence for three hours claiming that Soiu sent over 70 messages to her, which ranged from "religious to pornographic threats". A tearful Paltrow told the jury how hard it has been for her:

"I felt very upset by it. It defied logic, and I found it very, very upsetting," Paltrow said. "This was something I had been through a very long and traumatic experience with already."

Gwyneth with her 11-year-olddaughter Apple. IMAGE | TWITTER

Soiu’s defence argued that Paltrow had misinterpreted his letters. Lawyer Lynda Weslund made reference to Soiu’s admition to a psychiatric facility after a previous stalking case however said that he just needed to be on the right medication.


Despite the jury’s verdict, LAPD say that Soiu is still a threat to the actress. According to TMZ, the police don’t think it’s the end of Soiu as he has a "dangerous obsession" with the actress.

Soiu’s lawyer told reporters that she has informed Soiu not to contact Paltrow again.

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The pair dated for a couple of years after getting together in 2008.


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