Fans have a big theory about Meghan Markle and her baby bump

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It's...actually not that farfetched!

Meghan Markle certainly isn't a stranger to the spotlight, being a former actress and now a member of the Royal fam and all.

But ever since she announced her pregnancy, her baby bump has been given just as much media coverage as she has. We're guilty of that, but in our defense, royal baby!

And now we've officially moved on from the "gushing" phase and onto the "wild theories" phase of Meghan's pregnancy thanks to a new set of photos at the Royal Variety Charity's residentual nursing and care home that reveal her very visible baby bump.

After copping an eyeful of Meghan's growing baby bump, people started to speculate on Instagram (via Daily Mail) that Meghan may be further along her pregnancy than we all thought.

But perhaps the biggest theory is that the Duchess may be having more than one royal baby.

Between comments about her "big bump", a few people wondered if twins is a possibility, with one person writing "do you think she's having twins?"

Not the craziest theory we've heard about Meghan and definitely within the realm of possibility!

This is all just speculation so don't read into it too much. As for what Meghan had to say, she reportedly only said that she's "very well" and is "very pregnant today".

We certainly won't have too long to wait until the royal baby enters this world so we might as well let the rumours run wild now before they all get debunked next year.

Image credit: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images


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