Fans are furious with The Project for this 'mean' segment

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Did they go too far?

Another day, another story about viewers who are offended by a segment aired on The Project...

This time, audiences have taken issue with the way panellists Tommy Little and Rove McManus spoke about mining CEO Geoff Summers' voice during Monday night's episode. 

As has shared, Little introduced the segment on Summers:

“First I want you to have a look at him right? Here’s a picture, he’s tough, I reckon he looks rich, he looks mean and he’s a miner, that’s the information we know about,” he said.

“He’s a man’s man, talking about the mines,” McManus added.

“So see if this is how you were expecting him to sound?” Little joked. 

A recording of Summers' voice was then aired. 

“Hey question — were they mining for helium?” McManus quipped. 

Fans of the show were quick to condemn the behaviour online, taking to Twitter to voice their upset:

What do you think? Was it just light-hearted banter? Or did they go too far with this? 

Image: Network Ten

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo