Ewan McGregor thanks wife AND girlfriend in acceptance speech

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AWKWARD (and kind of yucky)...

Ewan McGregor escaped attention (rightly) for most of Monday during all the glorious #TimesUp hubbub of the Golden Globes.

But don't think we'll look the other way when you awkwardly thank your wife AND girlfriend in your acceptance speech bud.


The 46-year-old won Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series for his role/s in Fargo and took the the stage to thank his co-star and current girlfriend, Mary Elizabeth Winstead:

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 “I’ve always loved being an actor and hanging out with actors and I got amazing actors to work with on this and it wouldn’t be any Emmett or Stassi without David, Michael, Carrie Coon and there would be no Rey without Mary Elizabeth Winstead so thank you very much.”

He then awkwardly thanked his estranged wife:

 “I want to take a moment to thank Ev, who always stood beside me for 22 years and my four children, I love you.

Yeah, kind of puts a yucky taste in your mouth right?

Ewan has been married to his wife, Eve Mavrakis, for 22 years but have been separated since May 2017. They share four children together, Clara, 21, Esther, 16, Anouk, 7, and Jamyan, 7.

It was a strange incident considering the power of the day (Oprah 2020).

In fact, this year's Golden Globes were nothing short of legendary with female actors banding together to wear black to both speak out for and stand in solidarity with, sexual misconduct in Hollywood and other arenas.

Some, like Meryl Streep, Emma Watson, Amy Poehler and Michelle Williams even brought gender and racial activists (including founder of #metoo) to the event as their guests. 

In a statement Sunday, the advocates say they were inspired by the Time's Up initiative. They said the goal in attending the awards was to shift focus away from the perpetrators and back on survivors and creating lasting change.

“A show of solidarity at an awards show is one very small piece,” said Reese Witherspoon, who spoke to the Bagger in late December about Time’s Up. “It really is a statement that women are deeply unified, we always have been, and that we stand up for those who can’t speak up.”

Read more and see the black ensembles here.

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