Everyone's talking about Ben Affleck because he's a psychic

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This is crazy!

Can Ben Affleck stop being so damn talented. He can write, he can act, he can direct, now it appears he's a psychic. 

Back in 20013, Affleck predicted the rise of streaming services, Netflix and Spotify.

During a conversation about file-sharing, Affleck noted how the industry had been too slow to embrace and adopt the latest paradigms and how shareware (Napster) introduced the public to the concept of file-sharing. 

“I think an annual subscription-based system is one that works.

“It’ll be movies on demand, but it’ll be a tiered structure. Like if you want to watch it first weekend, maybe it won’t be available first weekend. But then if you want to watch it, you’ll pay more. And then as it goes to another stage in its release, it’ll become less expensive. But there’s a lot more adoption that has to happen, technologically speaking, right now before people can watch movies, or at least integrate it in terms of a PC or web connection.

“The technology’s not quite there yet, but it will be within, I’d say, five years.”

Um... Okay. That's pretty incredible and we hope he invested in Spotify and Netflix when it was starting up because he would have made some mad dough.

Mashable reports, Netflix announced in 2007 that it would begin streaming content and Spotify launched in 2008.

What else can Ben predict?

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Written By Christina Cavaleri