Everyone is talking about John Travolta's awkward encounter with 50 Cent

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Umm... John, what are you doing?

John Travolta has really said goodbye to his Saturday Night Fever days.

And his Grease days…

Because now, John Travolta looks like he's become an awkward Dad while chaperoning his 12 year-old’s school disco. 

Come on JT, we know you can do better than this.

At the Cannes Film Festival Travolta showed an unlikely friendship with 50 Cent by getting up on stage to dance.

Travolta explained to USA TODAY why he wanted to get up:

"It was my idea to go up and do it. I couldn’t leave him hanging.

“I thought, 'I’m going to go and make something viral here. 

“If (50 Cent) is going to travel 20 hours to get here, the least I can do is go up and hang with him on stage.

"The dance was just whatever I felt at the moment, it doesn’t really have a name to it," he said. "It’s just being cool, I guess."

Look, in his defence 50 Cent’s music is difficult to dance to but this is just cringeworthy. 

Image credit: Getty Images/John Phillips


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