Eurovision expert rips into Jessica Mauboy's performance, fans are fuming

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Jessica Mauboy Carlos Rodrigues/Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

“She was terrible”

British broadcaster and author of The Eurovision Song Contest: The Official History, John Kennedy O'Connor, has made headlines in Australia today after criticising the performance of none other than our very own (very talented) Eurovision contestant, Jessica Mauboy. has shared that O'Connor made reference to Mauboy’s performance of ‘We’ve Got Love’ during an interview with Hamish Macdonald for the ABC on Monday and was brutal in his commentary:

"She was terrible... 

“...I’m sorry. I thought, actually, she’d escaped from Wentworth and been let on stage," he reportedly said.

“She was dreadful ... She was describing herself in the media as Australia’s Beyonce. Clearly she’s never seen Beyonce.”

He then went on to suggest that any excitement about Australia joining the competition may now have faded:

“I think the joke about Australia being in Eurovision is now over,” he said.

“There was enormous delight and welcoming when you came in as this once-off special guest. That's how it was sold, that's what it was all about and Europe embraced you. I think your welcome has now been rescinded and I don’t say that with any glee.”

Since news of the interview broke, O’Connor has shared a couple of updates to Twitter about his words and the reaction they garnered:​

Regardless, fans of Mauboy’s have slammed the Eurovision historian for criticising her act:

Jessica Mauboy placed 20th in this year’s competition with her performance of 'We Got Love’.

Image: Carlos Rodrigues/Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo

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