Elton John joined Ed Sheeran on stage last night.

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Image | Getty via The 55th Annual Grammy Awards 2013 

48,000 people went mad.

The rain was pouring down as Ed Sheeran magically entertained a crowd of 48,000 people with his haunting melodies. BUT what he did next no one would have suspected. 

With a break in the performance all of a sudden Ed says, "Will you give it up for Elton John."

It was just like Ed had taken a play from his bestie Taylor Swift's playbook as he welcomed Sir Elton on stage to perform together. 

As Elton walked out onstage the decibel levels went to a new extreme as the pair expertly performed Sir Elton John's famous duet 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart.'

Elton with his signature circular glasses and sequinned suit had the crowd screaming with joy as Ed explained, "He wanted to do one of my songs and I wanted to do one of his. So here's both." 

After the pair sang 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' they moved on to Ed's own song 'Afire Love'much to the delight of all the Ed fans in the audience. 


Not even the menaching lighting and rainstorm that was harrowing Sydney could stop the pure delight and joy of the crowd as they sang along to every word. 


There was nothing calculated about the show, it wasn't perfect there were bum notes and the misfiring of his loop pedal but it is in these imperfections that his real perfection is shown. Ed is real; his only goal for the show is to keep his adoring fans entertained and nothing more. 


It was just Ed, his guitar and his unforgettable voice that kept the 46,000 crowd enchanted for the whole night. Sometimes all it takes is one guy with his guitar to prove why music is important to so many people. 

Written By Gemma Prendergast