Ellen caught an audience member stealing - and busted her on camera

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This is MORTIFYING to watch.

Ellen DeGeneres set up a hidden camera to spy on her audience members after offering them one item for free from her gift shop.

"I just wanted to see how honest my audience was. It turns out you're very, very honest. But we set up hidden cameras just to make sure."

Showing her hidden footage of an honest audience member (who happened to be Vanessa Lee Chester of Jurassic Park: The Lost World fame), she then outed a woman called Nancy who decided one freebie wasn’t enough.

Watch here:

Ellen not only named and shamed the woman, but scolded her in front of the whole country.

"I like that you liked the products so much that you wanted to bring one back for your sister. You're the kind of person that when you go trick-or-treating and nobody's home you don't just take one piece of candy, you take the bowl."

And she wasn’t done… 

"Let that be a lesson to you - You think nobody's watching you, and you just need to be a good person… You go sit in that Ellen chair right now."


Written By Hayley