Drew Barrymore shares un-groomed selfie

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She is just your normal girl 

It’s very rare for a celebrity to post a photo that hasn’t been edited AF.

Probably to show their followers that their life is as perfect as it seems.

However slowly, some celebrities are starting to bring down the barrier and start to become more relatable to their fans. 

Jessica Simpson did it earlier this week with her missed spot when shaving her legs. 

Missed a spot...

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Drew Barrymore has also jumped on the bandwagon sharing a picture of un-tweezed eyebrows and regrowth.

Don’t judge, you’ve been there before too.

She is actually preparing for her role on television series ‘Santa Clarita Diet’.

The series is getting ready to film season two.

Fans have showed their support for Barrymore sharing a “real” picture. 

“Thanks for reminding us how real you are. We work so hard to seen "put together and what does that even mean?"

Another posted a lengthy comment, thanking Barrymore for not making her feel she needs to compare herself to the perfect look. 

“You're beautiful even without the enhancements! Thank you for this post. As women, we often feel like we're not enough. We compare ourselves to the results of airbrushing and teams of people coming together to make someone look their best.”

Barrymore documented her journey going back to her groomed self.

She also thanked the experts for helping her.

“It's no wonder I don't want to deal with all that being a lady entails sometimes. I'm a mom. I work like crazy. And the first thing to go is usually yourself.”

Written By Christina Cavaleri
Image:  20th Century Fox

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