Do you remember Justin Bieber’s ‘OMG’ girl? Well she’s now a catwalk model

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“My life’s changed positively since Justin appeared in my life.”  

Cindy Kimberly was the mystery beauty who caught Justin Bieber’s eye towards the end of last year. 

Justin Bieber uploaded a picture of her to Instagram and pleaded with his millions of followers to help track her down. He captioned the image “OMG who is this.” 


Since Justin declared his attraction for the 17-year-old she has been plucked from obscurity and is making her catwalk debut at Madrid's Fashion week next month. 


Image I Instagram, wolfiecindy

Cindy said, “When I saw Justin was asking about me I got very emotional because I’ve been a fan of his for more than six years. It seems like a fairy-tale. A friend of mine often used to joke that one day I’d be one of the girls he talked about and I didn’t believe her.” 

“My Life’s changed positively since Justin appeared in my life. At the beginning I felt completely overwhelmed and didn’t know how to deal with it but now I’m getting used to it.” 

“I’ve had a lot of jobs offers since all this happened. I’m constantly receiving calls offering me things, but I’m focused on my studies and fashion commitments I’d already made.” 

Cindy who is from Spain was earning $3 an hour babysitting but now she has modelling and fashion commitments to keep her busy.  


Image I Instagram, wolfiecindy

2015 was the year that Justin declared his love for a lot of people. Along with Cindy, last year Justin also revealed that he had a huge crush on Jennifer Lawrence saying, “She’s so sexy, she’s unbelievable.”

Unfortunately for Justin, Jennifer replied saying, “I’m gonna say a hard no” OUCH!! WE guess not everyone is a fan of the Biebs


Written By Gemma Prendergast

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