Did James just reveal an epic Bachelorette spoiler on Instagram?

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Well… James Threthewie must be feeling a little sheepish right now.

The financial planner and The Bachelorette contestant has let the cat out the bag with the below Instagram post:

… really feeling good about us, and about being here .. hometowns are just around to corner & can't wait for you to meet my family,” he wrote on the image.

Sounds harmless right?


FIVE contestants still remain and in Bachie/Bachette tradition, only the top four have done a ‘home town’ visit. Hence the giveaway.

James, or Jimmy as he’s sometimes known, also dropped a spoiler last month. The Queenslander was caught checking out an Instagram page for singles; hinting that he doesn’t win Sophie’s heart. He was also spotted in Manly on several occasions with a mystery woman.

Us? Total red herring if we ever saw one. Sophie once described him as “like Tarzan, but with a calculator,” who could resist that?!

Lead Image: Instagram @jimmys.paradise


Bachelorette Sophie Monk revealed she rejected a kiss from one of her suitors:

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Image:  20th Century Fox

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