Cristiano Ronaldo and Alessandra Ambrosio star on cover of GQ

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It's getting hot in hurr...

The American version of GQ magazine released an entire issue dedicated to bodies this month. And naturally, the men’s mag picked the two ~hottest~ pieces of flesh in the world to star on the cover – Cristiano Ronaldo and Alessandra Ambrosio. 


For the front image, the soccer player and Victoria’s Secret model took off all their clothes (well, their tops anyway) and showed off their bangin’ physiques in a playful pose. Wearing only a paid of red budgie smugglers, black watch and silver necklace, Cristiano flexed hard to show off his bulging biceps and ripped AF stomach. Ale, who mind you – is a mother of two, appears to be topless as she stands behind him, her arm and leg draped around him.

The sexy twosome are believed to have shot the photo in October last year when Ale shared a pic of the two of them with the hashtags spelling 'behind the scenes' and 'top secret'.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar