CONTROVERSIAL COUPLE: Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna seen out in public

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Rob kardashian dating Blac Chyna

Rob Kardashian was spotted out with Blac Chyna for the first time since news broke of their relationship.

So are they or aren’t they? This is the question everyone has been asking. Ever since Rob posted an Instagram pic of Chyna, people want to know if it’s true of not.

rob kardashian tweets about Blac ChynaRob is known to be a bit of a stirrer, but new images of the two out together makes it hard not to believe the ‘rumours’.

People magazine is reporting that 28-year-old Rob was seen driving his Bentley to his mums house with Blac in the car.

Maybe a meet-the-Kardashian-fam event??

We think this could be MASSIVELY awkward... Especially as no one seems to like the couple. 

Blac chyna and Rob Kardashian spotted driving together


For all of you that don’t know, Blac Chyna is Tyga’s ex gf and baby mumma to their three-year-old son. His sis, Khloe  is not happy at her younger bro, kicking him out of her house that he lived at. Kylie is also furious at her older brother, tweeting something pretty intense about him on twitter.

Despite other family members not approving of the relationship, it seems Tyga is not fussed about it. He told E! News that "Everybody deserves to be happy."

Written By Anna Pentelow
Shane Warne

Another one? Really?


Drama, drama, drama

Soz team. It’s just a food baby… Not an actual baby.