Coldplay and Beyonce’s new music video is under fire for being culturally inappropriate!

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Coldplay and beyonce

Is this criticism fair? 

Overnight Coldplay released their new single Hymn for the Weekend which features the one and only Beyonce. The music video features the band and singer in Mumbai with Beyonce wearing traditional Indian clothes. 

The video has sparked heated debate on social medias with many users calling the video cultural inappropriate. One Twitter user even said, “Wanna depict India, understand its rich and diverse culture first! Going with old stereotypes is not  done!”



Another user said, “When Beyonce gets in trouble for cultural appropriation…nobody is safe. Beyonce never gets in trouble for anything!” 


Check out the video…


Coldplay’s new album, is said to be in direct contrast to their last album Ghost Stories that many believe was a break up album following the divorce between Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow. 

A statement from the bands record company says, “Revitalized, they’ve made an album that’s bursting with energy, colour and big-life-affirming moments such as the deliciously ebullient first single ‘Adventures of a Lifetime’ and the rocket-powered ‘Hymn for the Weekend.’ Coldplay have never enjoyed making a record more than this one. Nor have they been happier with the results.”

Coldplay has said that the video aims to portray India in a positive light but many believe that it depicts a simplistic portrayal of India. 

Written By Gemma Prendergast