Ryan Gosling saves a dog that ran in front of his car

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Ryan Gosling once again proves why he is everyone’s favourite heartthrob. 

Last weekend, Ryan Gosling's partner Eva Mendes celebrated her 42nd birthday. On a side note, how is Eva Mendes 42 years old? I mean, look at her.

ryan gosling eva mendes

Anyway, the night ended up being quite eventful as while the couple were on their way to grab dinner, they almost ran over a dog that had run out onto the highway.

Ryan then jumped out of the car and picked up the dog to stop it from being hit by other cars. With the dog safe from harm, the actor then tracked down the owner and returned the dog.

Total. Hero. Moment. It's almost like Eva is living in The Notebook.


ET Online has the exclusive photos of our leading man returning the dog to its owner - click here to see. 

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar