Chris Hemsworth addresses those Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth engagement rumours.

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“I’m happy if he’s happy, whatever he’s doing in life.” 

It was the news we never thought we’d hear again, “Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are engaged?!? The Liam/Miley saga started up again when the pair were spotted ringing in the new year together right here in Australia. 

The couple was seen at the Falls Music Festival in Bryon Bay, “The couple are understood to have arrived at the festival late in the evening, spotted walking backstage towards the VIP area with his brothers Chris and Luke and their wives. Cyrus and Hemsworth again were very affectionate, although they had security with them to ensure fans did not catch any snaps of them together.” 

Since that first outing it’s been a whirlwind of events, they spent news years together, then there were reports they were kissing at the Golden Globes and then we heard that Miley and Liam are ENGAGED!!!

After a myriad of sources “confirming” the news we have finally heard from a family member. When questioned by Entertainment Tonight on the matter Chris Hemsworth said, “I’m happy if he’s happy, whatever he’s doing in life. I can’t confirm any of that, but, you know, he’s smart, he’s happy.” (THAT’S THE TYPICAL CELEBRITY AVOIDING THE QUESTION #AMIRITE) 

Our main man Chris last week was announced as the new face of Tourism Australia. The actor will take part in the new instalment of There’s Nothing Like Australia campaign, which is set to highlight Aussie coasts and aquatic experiences. 

“Chris truly embodies the Australian way of life and his love of his home country, with all it’s natural beauty, makes him an ideal ambassador” Tourism Australia Managing Director, John O’Sullivan said. 

“From learning how to surf on Phillip Island, fishing with his brothers in the Northern Territory and family beach holidays, Chris has grown up in Australia, in and around water and his own personal experiences bring a truly authentic and influential Australian voice to our campaign.” 


So back to Miley and Liam…. 

They spent new years together, were spotted kissing at a Golden Globes party, Miley has been seen rocking her old engagement ring and now Chris has completely dodged the question…. All signs are pointing towards Miley walking down the aisle. (NOW JUST IMAGINE THAT WEDDING DRESS.)

What do you think? 


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