Carly has FINALLY addressed her MAFS romance with Troy

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And slams Dean in the process!

It’s been a month since those scandalous pics of Married At First Sight's Troy and Carly making out in a park emerged.

And both parties have remained silent on their relationship… until now.

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Speaking to TV Week, marketing manager Carly admits she liked Troy's looks. 

“Physically, Troy is my type. I do go for that preppy, private school-looking guy and Justin and I had a conversation about that."

"We definitely bonded at the dinner parties. We seemed to be the ones in the relationships who were putting in a lot more than we were getting. I think we both sympathised with each other a lot about that."

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During the infamous boys’ night, Carly’s husband Justin said Carly was also attracted to Dean, something she denies.

“Not at all! I don't know where Justin got that one from.”

Yeah, we don’t blame you, Carls!


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Written By Cassie Crofts