Calling all reality TV obsessives, Married At First Sight is getting an all-stars season

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Not to be dramatic, but if they don’t bring back Ryan, we riot.

The reality TV gods have looked down favourably upon us all today, my friends. Because we’ve been treated to the news that Married At First Sight is getting an all-stars season.

As Cosmo reports, a source has spoken with NW, telling the mag that stand-out MAFS alumni will be returning for the explosive season and lucky for you (and us) they’ve even named a few names. 

yay gif

According to this source, these are the brides and grooms that will be returning to Aussie tellies to give the experiment another shot (and boost their Instagram followings by a few thou).

1. Foxy JoJo

MAFS cheers Jo Sean Nine Network.gif

2. Ryan


Ryan MAFS Nine

3. Deano


dean mafs.gif

4. Jonesy

Ugh, again.


5. Sweet angel Patty

Patrick MAFS gif

6. Alene

Wait! No Simon? WHAT?!​

Simon and Alene MAFS

While there is nothing concrete to ensure this all-stars season is actually on the cards, you’ve got to admit, it sounds like television GOLD.

We are most certainly here. for. it. 

Images: Nine Network

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo