Brendan Fevola reveals the emotional reason he went on I’m A Celeb

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We guess being in the jungle makes you confess your darkest secrets! 

Brendan Fevola is the hot favourite to take the crown in the final episode of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Outta Here later this week. The contestants have conquered their deepest, darkest fears from eating some shocking, disgusting foods, to facing their fears of heights (we’re looking at you, Wippa), to the simple fact that they have had to leave their families and live in the jungle for weeks and weeks. 

Check out Wippa conquer his major fear! RESPECT! 

So why would any one endure this self-inflicted torture? Well for Brendan Fevola it was quite simple - he wanted the public to know that he wasn’t an idiot and for them to discover the real ‘him’. On the show the former troubled AFL star said: 

The thing with me- all this good **** happens to me, then something happens that just flattens me. All the time. There’s a lot of people that dislike myself because of my own actions. When I was younger and immature, I did a few things wrong and threw away my footy career. I never grew up. I was an idiot, pretty much. 

Now that I’m a bit older and I’ve got three young daughters, I want everyone to not taint them with the same brush. Especially Alex, when they associate me, they associate her, and it’s not fair.

I want everyone to realise this is the real me. I’m not an idiot. That’s pretty much it.” 

Brendan’s impressive on-field performance was often clouded by his antics and misbehaviour of the field which led to the end of his professional AFL career. 

We're rooting for him to take out the competition, Fev for King 2016 #amirite.

Brendan Fevola

Written By Gemma Prendergast