BREAKING: New details on Kim K robbery suspects have been released

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Kim Kardashian

3 female stalkers and a 72-year-old "career criminal" are among the 17 arrested

Yesterday, French police revealed that 16 people had been arrested for the horrific October robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris.

At the time, no further information was released about the suspects, other than that they were being held for questioning somewhere in France. The large number of suspects, however, pointed to a much wider range of suspicions than the five armed robbers who dressed as policemen before lifting $11 million worth of jewellery from Kim's hotel room.

Now, more information has been revealed regarding the suspects, and the number of people being held for questioning has jumped to 17.

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Initial reports that surfaced yesterday claimed that all of those arrested were men, but that might just have been a presumption on the part of the reporting press. Now, we know that 3 of the 17 suspects still being held by the Paris Police Dept. are women.

These women were responsible for following Kim Kardashian around Paris in the days leading up to the robbery.

Another of the suspects is 72-year-old man known as Pierre B, who is somewhat well-known as a "career criminal" in France.

Pierre B has ties to a criminal gang that operates across France and Belgium, known for their dabblings in the counterfeit money-making market.

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Two of the suspects are diamond dealers in France, which is relatively self-explanatory, and another has been identified as an employee of the limo company that Kim Kardashian used to drive her and her family around during Paris Fashion Week.

Kim Kardashian Paris Fashion Week

Image: Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner at Paris Fashion Week, October 2016 (Getty)

The level or nature of the chauffeur's involvement in the robbery is still unknown at this point, but it's believed he helped keep the criminals in the loop regarding Kim K's whereabouts.


As for how French authorities came to find their current suspects, it's been reported that the floodgates were opened when they found a DNA sample left behind on the tape used to bind Kim's hands. The man was already known to local police for his involvement in earlier, unrelated robberies.

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After the DNA had been identified, police began surveillance on the man who had left it, which culminated in yesterday's arrests. The robber who left the DNA and 16 of his collaborators were arrested during a series of 6am raids made in both Paris and the south of France.

Police now also have evidence suggesting the whereabouts of at least some of Kim's jewellery. According to reports, they believe several pieces of jewellery - including the $4 million, 20-carat engagement ring given to her by Kanye West - were transported by the criminals to Antwerp, Belgium, where a large diamond district is located.

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French authorities now have less than 96 hours to decide whether or not charges will be laid on those who have been arrested. It's unclear whether or not Kim Kardashian will be required to travel back to Paris to identify her assailants.

In the meantime, we're waiting for someone to announce the screenplay for the film that will inevitably come of all this.

Written By Kirsty Sier