Brad Pitt, the real life Benjamin Button

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Social media frenzy: pictures emerge of a very young looking Brad Pitt at the Golden Globes!!

Hold on a sec… Brad Pitt is 52, but he barely looks past 30. Everyone is losing it on social media at how young Brad Pitt looked at the Golden Globes.

brad young
Ryan Gosling is 35, Brad is 52. We think they both kinda look the same age. IMAGE | TWITTER 

Remember when Brad played Benjamin Button, an elderly man who ages in reverse? Well it seems like he really is Benjamin Button!! He looks younger than what he did 10 years ago.

Brad Pitt seems to be the real life Benjamin Button. IMAGE | TWITTER

brad young tweet

Some people love his look while others think he looks like a ...woman! IMAGE | TWITTER

Rumours of plastic surgery started when Brad hit the red carpet in Nov last year for his movie ‘By The Sea’ which he starred along side his wife Angelina Jolie. A number of websites have claimed that Brad had jaw implants and a nose job done.

brad old to young

Brad looks 10 years younger than what he did in 2005. IMAGE | TWITTER

We would be dancing as well Brad!

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Brad Pitt attended the Golden Globes without Angelina. He was spotted chatting to his ‘The Big Short’ co-star Selena Gomez and singer Katy Perry.

katy perry brad
Brad was spotted hanging with Katy Perry and co-star Selena Gomez

Check out the clip of Brad’s new movie with Angelina. Do you think they work well together?

Written By Anna Pentelow