BOMBSHELL: There was actually a Friends episode where Rachel was NOT played by Jennifer Aniston

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With the reappearance of Friends on Stan in recent days, a lot of people have been binge-watching it awfully close. 

In fact someone actually picked up on a scene in the episode of “The One With The Mugging,” where, for a brief moment Rachel was replaced with an IMPOSTER!

It was writer Jordan D’Amico who picked up on the continuity error recently. explains the background behind it:

“The scene is this: Rachel goes to Monica’s apartment to let Joey (Matt Leblanc) know that he landed a huge audition opposite a famous actor named Leonard Hayes (played by guest star Jeff Goldblum). The three then joke about a monkey who used to be in commercials with Hayes. Monica (Courteney Cox) jokes that the monkey might be at the audition with Joey, and when the camera cuts back to Joey it seems Jennifer Aniston has been replaced by an unknown girl in a red plaid shirt.”

Here’s the shot with Aniston and LeBlanc playing their usual roles of Rachel and Joey.

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But here’s what happens when the camera cuts back!

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THAT AIN’T RACHEL! They didn’t even put her in the same outfit! 

Friends has been discovered to have made a few doozies when fans re binge-watch in hindsight.  Below see the Friends scene that was cut for being too insensitive as it was originally scheduled to air two weeks after the events of September 11. 

Written By Genevieve Dwyer