The Block’s Jason and Sarah are in hot water after being publicly slammed

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Do you think this is fair?

As The Block finale gets closer and closer there is a lot of pressure on contestants to finish their houses and on Monday night's episode, Jason and Sarah were told their house may not be ready for auction. 

The pair were slammed by foremen Keith and Dan with Keith saying the house had so many defects and one of their spaces was "the worst area I've ever seen on The Block in history."

Keith found a water leak in what was believed to be a bathroom, there was also some painting that hadn't been finished and objects that weren't installed. That's just one room as well, in others there were toilets and basins that weren't functioning. 

Keith said, "The majority of the house needs to be redone." He also said there was about a week's worth of work needed to fix all the problems but there are only two weeks left of the whole show. 

If that wasn't enough in an upcoming episode, host Scott Cam is set to slam the couple for refusing to pay their tradespeople $8,000:

“I’ve got a problem. Number one, we pay our bills on The Block. We have to — it's our reputation… This guy has a family. He's owed 8,000 bucks and you've told him you're not paying any of it.”

Speaking with TV WEEK, he said he was fed up with the pair’s behaviour:

“Jason and Sarah have quite a few weaknesses in this competition. They've struggled all the way through with money and timings… I've done 13 of these — laziness really gets under my skin.”

Things are not looking good for the couple!


What do Jason & Sarah think of Ronnie & Georgia? 

Written By Marni Dixit
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