The Block's Georgia's heartbreaking reality

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Nobody deserves to go through this.

She might not be the most popular contestant on The Block, but on Wednesday night's episode, Georgia broke down due to the pressure and lack of friendships she has with her fellow contestants. 

Georgia refused to get out of bed and broke down in tears, admitting she felt like she felt like the outsider of the group

"I think for the whole competition we've been on the outer, I'm feeling really ostracised... I'm feeling really excluded. It's not really a nice feeling to be honest."


She and husband Ronnie fought with Jason and Sarah during landscape week with the couple losing money to their competitors as they wanted to use some of their land space to fit in a crane to install their pool. 

Former friends Hannah and Clint also demanded the same deal from them. Georgia continued:

“I’m so put off by what happened this week that I don' t even want to mend friendships… I don't even care anymore.”

“I feel sh*t, I'm over it. I think it's just all getting to me now.”

It hasn't all been bad for the pair, they received perfect scores for their guest room reveal earlier, however, they did have to share the glory with Elyse and Josh who also received 10 points.

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Written By Marni Dixit
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