Our definitive ranking of 2014's best booty moments

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Kim Kardashian bares her best ass-et for the cover of Paper magazine

Women, it’s time to celebrate our curves! 

As 2014 nears its rear end (ba dum tish) it has become quite apparent that it will forever be know as ‘The Year of the Butts’.

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You couldn’t swing a big foam finger in Hollywood without hitting a butt. They were werking, twerking, wiggling and jiggling and it was brilliant! 

There have been some true female pioneers doing us ladies proud and putting themselves and their butts out there, giving fat bottomed girls the world over the confidence to be proud of there bountiful bootys.

And here are the top ten moments when bootyliciousness ruled the world. 

10. When Iggy got jiggy in tiny yellow shorts and the power of her butt had that guy and the world shaking in their boots.

Iggy gets jiggy 


9. Then Iggy's butt joined forces with one of the most influential butts in the biz....

...and with their butts combined, JLo reminded us that she is one of the original booty queens not to be messed with.


8. When Beyonce showed us that she was fierce, feminist and flawless and that Jay Z is blessed with the most bootylicious wife of all.


7. When Meghan Trainor announced she was all about that bass...

6. When Rihanna said "look at all the f**** I give" and wore a see through dress that displayed her delightful derriere 


5. When Bad-Girl-Rhi-Rhi hitched said dress and twerked what her mama gave her

4. When Kanye reminded us all that we can look at the world's most famous booty...but only he can touch!


3. When Beyonce surrounded herself with lots of glittery butts because she knows! She knows that 2014 is the 'Year of the Butt'


2. When Nicki Minaj dropped her Anaconda video and the internet broke. IT BROKE!

Nicki Minaj took the Booty Crown after she dropped the video for Anaconda


1. Then as the internet was still reeling from all dem butts Kim K has kicked the competition out of the water, oiled up her butt, balanced a bottle of champagne on it, featured on the front of 'Paper'

Talent...and a sense of humour!


So ladies let’s follow Kim Kardashian’s lead and pop a bottle to celebrate because in the wise words of The Black Eyed Peas “My humps, my humps, my lovely lady humps – gonna get you love drunk off my hump”

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Written By rachsmith