Beau and Kara Ryan have a very unusual living arrangement

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Beau and Kara Ryan's home life is pretty unconventional.

2015 was a rough year for Beau and Kara Ryan after shattering news the rugby player had been unfaithful with his Aladdin And His Wondrous Lamp co-star Lauren Brant came out in the media. But despite the hiccup, the couple, who share three-year-old daughter Remi, seem to be making things work. 


And now we may have finally know their secret. When the pair were on the red carpet at an event in Sydney, they sort of accidentally admitted to Daily Confidential they live with their parents.

When the publication asked them who was babysitting Remi while they were shmoozing on date night, Kara said this:

“I always get mixed up about who to say, because they all live together. It’s great for Remi, she can go upstairs to one set of grandparents, or downstairs to the other. She’s a lucky girl.”


A very lucky girl, indeed.

Also watch Beau chat about Aladdin back in June last year. 

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar

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