Barry Du Bois shares a light-hearted update on his health

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What a legend. 

Fifty-seven-year-old host of The Living Room Barry Du Bois took to Instagram on Thursday to give his fans a bit of an update on his health journey - but with a playful twist, of course. 

The builder-turned-TV-personality shared a photo of himself hooked up to machines for a stress test, but made sure to find the fun by commenting on the stressful experience of pulling electrodes from his hairy chest. 

“The most stressful thing about a Stress Test is ripping those electrodes of my hairy chest. The up side is I can confirm I have a heart. #diet #exersice #wholelife #attidude #eatinghealthy” 

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Fans of Du Bois were quick to comment, sharing messages of support and love for the well-loved host who is currently undergoing treatment for his cancer diagnosis. 

In October 2017, an episode of The Living Room took an extremely emotional turn when Du Bois announced that after six years in remission, his cancer had returned. Du Bois was diagnosed with plasmacytoma myeloma, a cancer of the immune system which attacks healthy bone marrow, in 2010.

"Hello friends, 

I am sure my announcement on The Living Room tonight that my cancer has returned was a shock for many of you. After living six years in remission, it was a shock for my family and I too.  The Living Room means more to me than most things on Earth, and it means an incredible amount to be loved by so many people.  Thank you so much for all your love and support. It means the world to me. I am going into this battle with the love, support and encouragement of my friends and family, and all of you. I'm going to beat what I have got, and hopefully inspire others to do so too. 

Baz x"

In November, he shared an update letting fans know that the “progress is going great” and that he was on track to move forward with stem cell recovery at that time, which is just brilliant to hear. 

Get well soon, Baz. 

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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo
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