Bad news for Channel Ten's The Project

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The Project Lisa Wilkinson

Sheesh, we didn’t see that coming?!

We were all incredibly excited to hear Lisa Wilkinson was moving from Channel Nine's Today Show to The Project on Channel Ten. It was reported that the presenter would be Australia's highest paid woman on television with a $2.3 million salary – apparently, four times what Carrie Bickmore was earning. 

The Daily Telegraph reported in January that Lisa's debut saw 481,000 viewers watching the first hour of the show, then 583,000 people watching the second hour of the show – reportedly 200,000 more than the 2017 average. 

However, Now To Love is reporting that last Sunday the show only reached 227,000 viewers, which is a lot less than what Bondi Rescue was getting in the same timeslot last year. The show is competing with Married At First Sight and My Kitchen Rules, and let's be honest, most of us are tuning in for that Tracey and Dean drama.

Ten have said in a statement:

"Despite sitting in a highly competitive time slot, it has increased its audience by 28 per cent across the full hour and by 34 per cent in the second half-hour, compared with 2017 (average)."

It will be interesting to see how numbers change with MAFS and MKR have finished up.

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