The Bachelor's Romy just confirmed she's a paid actress

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Shocked but also kinda not tbh.

So... in news that will simultaneously shock but underwhelm you, Romy Poulier aka Bachie Villain #3 has confirmed she's a paid actress.


Daily Mail Australia report that after weeks and weeks of rumours Romy was a "paid plant" in the Bachie mansion, the 30-year-old has finally come clean and admitted... it's all true.

"I'm an actor. There's all these rumours going around that I've been paid," the publication report Romy as saying after rumours reached their peak.

"Well, look. I'm an actress and I was paid on the show, as was everyone else. My trade is acting, so you do the math."

Romy quickly clarified, saying she wasn't a plant exaccctly, but that her spot on The Bachelor "turned into a role pretty quickly".

"We are a cast, after all."

The ‘Photo Shoot Director’ - Lies! All lies! - has long been suspected to be a faker with appearances on Home and Away and The Elephant Princess all under her belt. She also had a spot in US drama series Terra Nova and auditioned to play Schapelle Corby in a 2014 telemovie.

She's even revealed this sort of work on her Instagram for crying out loud:

Hindsight is 20/20 and now that we look back, it seems kinda obvious?

Case in point:

The news comes after a whopping four contestants for the Bachie boot, one of the highest exit rates of the Aussie season.

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This was just dumb. 

“We cannot allow this type of behaviour to go unnoticed…”


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