The Bachelor’s Nick forced to shut Cass down after she confronts him about his feelings

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Bachelor Cass Woods

“I can’t give you the same level you’re on right now.”

The Bachelor’s Cass Woods, AKA this season’s Stage Five Clinger, has been brutally shut down by Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins after she asked him about his feelings for her at Wednesday night's cocktail party.

Nick told her that his feelings weren’t at “the same level” as hers which caused her to storm off on the brink of tears. 

“I think at the moment, you're maybe expressing [emotions] at a level here,” using his hands to show her feelings were higher than his.

“And I can't. I'm down here.”

“I just can’t give you the same level that you’re on right now.”

The reality star softened the blow, telling her he’d “like to see where things go” between the pair. 

Cat Henesy spoke to the cameras about Cass’ reaction:

“Cassie definitely came back a little rattled… Cass obviously knew Nick on the outside world. They go to the same gym. They hang out with the same sort of groups of people. They both play footy.

“But to come into the house already really bloody infatuated with the Bachelor, to be honest, it just doesn't make sense.”

Cassie did manage to snag a rose after the cocktail party, so things mustn’t be too awkward between the pair!

Image: Channel 10


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