Australian Ninja Warror fans are FUMING over last night’s episode

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Was this fair?

It feels like everyone in the country is obsessed with Australian Ninja Warrior.

But it seems the surprise hit of the year lost some fans last night.

Deaf contestant Paul Cashion was disqualified while running the obstacle course in what Twitter users are calling an “absolutely f**ked” technicality.

During the first part of the course, Paul’s shoe hit the water, causing an automatic disqualification, but he couldn’t hear the buzzer that went off.

Unaware he was out of the competition Paul continued to the next obstacles as the stunned audience watched.

Paul’s stepson was eventually able to sign a translation letting him know he’d been disqualified.

Upon realising what had happened, Paul looked close to tears.

Social media users were quick to condemn producers for not making the notification hearing-impaired friendly.

Watch Paul's obstacle course run below.

Written By Cassie Crofts