Australian fans are furious with Kim Kardashian

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Poor form!

Well, that’s awkward...

As many would be aware, Kim Kardashian (philosopher, astrologer and noble prize winning ethnologist) launched her new perf Crystal Gardenia recently. It's been going nothing short of BANANAS in the US however...

Here’s the snag*.

According to TMZ, the perfume has been banned from Australia due to containing “hazardous material” which may or not be alcohol.

The Sun are reporting that customers in Aus and NZ, will be refunded.

Kim’s scent is reportedly linked to her Paris robbery after which friends brought her healing crystals.

“After my whole Paris situation over a year ago, all my friends would come over and bring me healing crystals,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

*and now we want a Bunnings sausage…

“I wasn’t really into them. I didn’t know much about them. Enough people brought them over that I love the shape, I loved holding it, and I felt like, ‘OK, this is it. I want something that I feel like calms me, is healing…’

“And I wanted the bottle, especially the smaller one.”

Kim's perfume sold out (that's 300,000 units) at the initial launch according to People, with fans buying the scent without actually smelling it (that's some serious trust/blind faith).

At $35 for the 30 ml. bottle and $60 for the 75 ml., assuming she produced equal amounts of each, that would total up to about $14 million in sales in under a week.

Lead Image: Instagram / Kim Kardashian


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Cool cool cool cool cool cool.

Now isn't she just lovely?

"This is unacceptable... if this was a regular joe/fan he would of got kicked out the building."