Ashy Bines under serious fire for scamming customers

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Ashy Bines and her eponymous fitness empire has been dealt a serious blow with complaints flying in from customers.

Many claim the Bikini Body challenge owner and her program have taken unauthorised payments from credit cards and bank accounts among other issues.

Some say they were ripped off by paying for fitness programs they were later denied access to and others say their criticisms or feedback, posted online, had been censored by staff. Finally, another group of women claim to have encountered problems returning items from the clothing line.

A large number of the complaints concern the ‘Finisher’ app, a $7 app with no ongoing fees. One woman told that when the ‘Finisher’ app was absorbed by the ‘Squad’ app, costing $19.99 a month, she was blocked from content and not even offered a refund.

“How can you charge someone a ‘one off, lifetime access’ fee and then turn around and not honour it at least without offering a refund?” the woman, named Danielle, said.

“Their business seems to be based more about making a buck than providing the service or program paid for.”

Another woman, named Claire Oakley, contacted the news publication to report more than $600 taken from her account despite claiming to not sign up for ongoing services.

“I went back through my transaction history, to find that every month, a similar amount had come out, never the same amount but around the $40 mark, totalling over $600,” she explained.

The subscriptions were reporting for something called, ‘The Life’ program.

“I still to this day have absolutely no idea what ‘The Life’ is, or how I was supposed to log in, or access it,” she said.

“I then found out through research that ‘The Life’ doesn’t actually exist anymore, and hasn’t for several months, even while I was paying for the program. Again, no email or correspondence that would advise me of this.

After several emails back and forth, it was evident that I was never going to get my money back.”

A representative of Ashy Bines told that the company was “an open book with nothing to hide”.

“Out of the hundreds of thousands of happy and long term customers, sometimes the loudest are a very small percentage that may not be happy with the service or those that have not read the Terms and Conditions when signing up/purchasing,” the representative said.

“As a business, our number one focus is giving our clients a positive experience. Our strong community is built from repeat customers. Our intention is to always build our community and provide customers with the best possible service.

“If there has been any wrongdoing or mistakes, we will own up to that. In saying that, we are highly confident in our customer service and support teams ability.”

The 29-year-old Gold Coast personal trainer and model was one of the first in Australian to capitalise on the ‘bikini bod’ fitness trend and has 930,000-odd followers on Instagram alone.

Lead Image: Instagram / Ashy Bines


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