Ashy Bines' husband comes to her defence amid disabled parking fiasco and... ugh

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We're going to side-step the obvious here (why does a grown woman insist on calling herself 'Ashy'?) and get straight to the debate.

Ashy Bines, fitness chicka, Instagrammer and owner of a killer rig, got in trouble earlier this week after fans spotted her parking in a disabled parking spot on a YouTube video.

The 28-year-old gym owner has gone on a 48-hour media black-out but before doing so, attempted to justify her actions:

"In my gym, we don't have any members with a disability. So those two car parks never get used," she said in a Snapchat video.

"If I was to get any members with any type of disability, or any bad leg injury, I would never park there. I'm not that disrespectful. When the two car parks have literally never been used in nearly three years that I've owned that gym...  so it sucks that people are looking at me in a bad way."

We don't know about you, but it kind of feels like she's not sorry she parked there, just sorry she got caught. 

Her husband Steve Evans has jumped in (for obvious reasons) and made the following statement:

"Ashy will be offline for the next 48 hours whilst I spoil her rotten and enjoy the next 2 days and wait for storm to blow over," he explained to a follower.

Nice try mate. But there ain't no way to backpeddle the words:

"I do use that car park sometimes."

bleuth rolling eyes

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Written By Ally Parker
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