Anne Hathaway may have just revealed her baby's name

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And the guessing game begins! Anne Hathaway may have accidently leaked some major baby name details.

We were absolutely stoked when Anne Hathaway announced that she and her husband Adam Shulman were expecting their first child. But other than a few baby bump photos on the red carpet, no one knows anything about the baby’s sex or name.

Until now.

Anne had her baby shower this past weekend, and some major baby details may have been leaked by her Interstellar co-star Matthew McConaughey’s wife. Apparently, McConaughey’s wife was spotted carrying a pink basket full of baby goodies and monogrammed with the Letter G.

Using our powers of deduction, it can only mean that Anne is having a baby girl with a G name!

This is obviously just speculation at the moment, but until we hear otherwise, let’s go through some of the likeliest ‘G’ names that Anne might name her baby.


  • Genovia

Princess Diaries

It seems nostalgic and fitting if Anne named her baby after the fictitious country where The Princess Diaries is set.


  • Gloria

Well, Anne is playing a character named Gloria in an upcoming movie, so maybe she just liked the name?


  • Gail

Ella Enchanted

Seeing how Ella Enchanted was one of Anne’s most memorable movies, and the author of the book that inspired the movie is Gail Carson Levine, perhaps Anne might pay tribute to Levine by naming her baby Gail.


  • Geraldine

Anne’s dad is name Gerald, so naming her baby Geraldine in a loving tribute to her dad would be totally sweet. 

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