Adele's "failed" performance explained

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Straight from the horse's mouth: Adele explains why her Grammys performance wasn’t on point 

Adele is one of the greatest singers of our generation, so everyone was confused when her Grammy performance sounded a little off. As the Grammys is a live event, you have to assume there are going to be some unexpected hiccups.

Her levels were all over the place and she looked uncomfortable on stage. 

Don’t get us wrong… she still sounded amazing but it didn't sound like the Adele we all know and love.

So the singer went straight to Twitter to explain the sitch herself:

Recording Academy President has taken full responsibility for the technical glitch,

"We have the most complicated technical show on television when it comes to music, bar none. Inside the piano are microphones, and a mike dropped into the strings. It happens to all sorts of people, but it rarely happens on our show.​

"When we switched over to the backup system, it had to drop out for a few seconds. When performing in intimate performance, it can be unnerving. We certainly don’t like it when those things happen, but they happen."

We're glad that's all cleared up because we all know Adele's voice is phenomenal! 

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Written By Anna Pentelow
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