10 times Taylor Swift won at life

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Taylor Swift’s latest album is deftly titled 1989 to remind the world that she is this damn successful at the age of 24 and you are not.

You want to hate her; she’s eternally cheery, stunningly beautiful, self deprecating and talented.

She’s a damn super human and her very existence reminds you…me…us that we are but mere mortals.

Like the time…


10. When Taylor Swift was like "I’ve won stacks of awards before I’m 25"

And you’re like…."I can cook eggs three different ways"


9. When Taylor Swift looked like this after the gym

And you’re like…"I broke a sweat walking to the letter box"


8. When Taylor Swift is like..."1989 has nearly sold 1.2 million copies"

And you’re like…"I alphabetized my spice rack on the weekend"


7. When every time Taylor Swift sells out her concert in a matter of minutes

And you’re like "11 people liked my last Instagram post…BOOYAH"


6. When Taylor Swift is like..."Ed Sheeran is my bestie, no biggie"

And you’re like…"The pizza delivery guy knows me by name"


5. That time Taylor Swift won the best female video award at the VMAs

And we’re like…."Another award? Srsly"


4. When Taylor Swift steps out and she’s impeccably dressed

And we’re like "I wear hand me downs…"


3. When everyone is like "oh Taylor you make being a cat lady look so cool"

And you’re like "I like INVENTED cat lady!"


2. When Taylor Swift does charity work, donates butt loads of money to good causes, visits fans in hospital etc on the reg.

And you’re like…."I recycle"


1. When you realize she totally doesn’t even take herself seriously which makes it impossible not to like her

And we're like...."BRB getting in line for tickets to the Taylor Swift 2015 Aussie tour!"

Written By rachsmith
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