Centrelink is trawling through social media accounts to catch cheats

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Hide yo wall posts, hide yo photos because Centrelink is looking through Facebook profiles to catch any fraudsters.

These days, if you didn’t post a photo of your brekkie to Instagram, it just didn’t happen. If you haven’t posted ‘I SAID YES’ followed by a ring emoji to Facebook, what really was the point in having an elaborate proposal? 

We’re a generation of oversharers, and Centrelink is using this to their advantage. The federal government is using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even eBay to catch out Aussies cheating the system.

The Minister for Humans Services, Stuart Robert, released a statement on Wednesday explaining the need for the operations.

"While most people receiving welfare payments are honest and do the right thing, there is a small segment of the community who still think it is okay to cheat the system." 

He went on to say that they began, there have been:

  • 3,072 compliance reviews
  • 1,888 cases of overpayment
  • And *gulp* five arrests

For instance, Centrelink found a case of a couple claiming to both be single so that they could receive two singles payments (more $$ than a couples payment). The fraudsters were caught out on Twitter when they announced they were expecting a baby.

Although, if you're lying to the government, and then tweeting on your PUBLIC account, you really should be questioning yourself.


Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar