Can you hear the secret Taylor Swift vocals on this Calvin and Rihanna track?

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Talylor Swift sings on Rhianna and Calvin Harris Track

Fans are arguing over which vocals on the Calvin Harris and Rihanna tune This is What you Came For  are actually Taylor Swift. We think we found them.

When People Magazine tweeted that Taylor Swift was the one who actually wrote Calvin Harris' hit song This is What you Came For last week, Harris was quick to admit his former flame did indeed have input into the song. In fact, Harris tweeted that Swift wrote the lyrics and even sang some of the vocals on the track, performed by Rihanna.

Calvin responds to Taylor's accusation

Even though Harris clearly laid bare exactly who did what on the track, news of the collaboration has stirred up fans of all three artists, with Calvin Harris and Rihanna fans accusing Swift of lying and troublemaking, despite Harris' track record of Twitter feuds and collaboration dramas. The dance track now has over 200 million views on YouTube with fans attempting to locate or deny Swift's vocal contribution to the catchy mix.

Can you hear Taylor? You have to admit they are awesome vocals and it really sounds like Rihanna sang most of them. Our guess is TayTay is probably singing some of the Ooohoohooo's... One fan says it's Swift at 0:35, 0:39, 0:43, 1:21, 1:25, 1:29, 2:39, 2:43, 2:47, 3:41, 3:44, and 3:48.

What do you think?

Written By Annabelle Warwick

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