We can now buy stuff using selfies because the world is mental

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Yes, we are serious… MasterCard has announced a new system that will allow you to pay for things with a selfie. 

Welcome to the future, people. We now live in a world where you can purchase items using selfies. Yes, really. MasterCard announced on Monday it would be swapping passwords for selfies in order to combat identity theft. 

Which is really great news for the Kim Kardashians of the world #AMIRITE


Using a new system called MasterCard Identify Check or, 'selfie pay' (Yes we are serious) the company will use face recognition and fingerprint scans to better secure online shopping. 

To use selfie pay, customers will have to download MasterCard’s app to their phone or tablet. Then after entering their credit card information as normal during an online payment, a picture of their face will be used as verification.

The company told The Verge that facial recognition system will only be used in certain contexts when further authentication is needed.  

“We will have of information about your transaction. Where are you, where are the good getting shipped, what is your location.”  

The vice president for communications at MasterCard, Jane Khodes said, “We are currently prototyping facial recognition to be converted and stored as encrypted code on the device as part of the MasterCard identity Check rollout”.

Welcome to the future, people. Welcome to the future. 

Written By Gemma Prendergast
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