Here's what that little pocket in your jeans is actually for

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We actually never noticed this little jean pocket before, but now we're dying to know what it's used for.

Here’s a question for you: Have you ever wondered why we have that teeny tiny little pocket in our denim jeans? If you actually sit and think about it, there isn’t much you can fit in it besides a few loose coins here or there. 


Someone with way too much spare time on his hands has discovered why, and we have finally have our answer. Nitin Achdev is his name and he answered this riddle on a Quora forum thread:

“It’s a watch pocket. Back in the 1800s, cowboys used to wear their watches on chains and kept them in their waistcoats. To keep them from getting broken, Levi’s introduced this small pocket where they could keep their watch.” 

Fair call, but who uses a pocket watch these days? Hasn't the usage of a wristwatch dramatically declined over the years? Why do still have it then? 

Well, the kind people at Levi have explained why.

“The pocket is loved by deminheads for the faded and worn nature it takes on over time.” 

And while we’re on the topic of denim please enjoy our all time favourite denim attire in the history of mankind itself - Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s double denim night out aka the cringiest couple dressing of all time.


Written By Gemma Prendergast

This is tragic.

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“It was definitely very dangerous” 

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She’s claiming the venue owes her over $9,000.