Whatever happened to the Taylor boys from Home Improvement?

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We did some digging and found out what the sons from Home Improvement have been up to since the show.

If you lived through the ‘90s, chances are you watched Home Improvement at one time or another. It was the show that kept families glued to their TV screens from 1991 to 1999. 


There was the goofy dad, Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor, the level-headed mum Jill, their three children, Brad, Randy, and Mark, and the permamently-hat-wearing neighbour Wilson. The storylines were (for the most part) super realistic, which made the Taylor family even more relatable. Which got us thinking, whatever happened to the boys we once saw almost weekly, and then nightly when the re-runs started?


First off, there was Brad aka Zachery Ty Bryan. He's now 34 and looks like this:


After the show, Zachery continued acting in TV shows and movies, but according to his Wikipedia page, his last acting role was in 2009. He then began work behind the camera as a producer - eventually opening his own company called Vision Entertainment Group Inc. He's been married since 2007 and has twin girls with his wife Carly Matros. If you'd like to have a further stalk, here's his Twitter.


Then there was Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who we followed a bit after his Home Improvement stint when he continued acting (read: stealing our hearts) in films. He's also 34, and looks like this:


JTT went on to study at Columbia University, and had roles in Smallville, Veronica Mars, 8 Simple Rules, and Last Man Standing, which is Tim Allen's sitcom. Like his fake brother Zach, JTT also stepped behind the camera, working as a director for two episodes of LMS. JTT is rarely seen at events, however, and doesn't seem to have a Twitter or Insta account.

It seems like just yesterday, he looked like this:


Lastly there was Mark aka Taran Noah Smith. Of the three, he's probably had the most interesting run. The youngest Taylor boy, whose now 31, got married at 17 to a woman twice his age. The move was an effort to get custody of his $1.5 US million Home Improvement paychecks he claimed his parents had taken from him.

The couple divorved in 2007 and Taran reconciled with his parents. All seemed to be going well until 2012 when he was convicted of DUI and marijuana posession. 

Here's what he looks like now:


Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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