WATCH: The most awful walk of shame you will ever witness

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Honestly, how could this even happen?

A walk of shame is never a nice experience for a woman. You’re hungover/still drunk from the night before with make-up smeared across your face and your heels in your hands as you limp away from the lucky lad's driveway desperate for a coffee. It’s just not ideal. It really isn’t.

A woman in US state Connecticut had it even worse. A neighbour was watching the epic blizzard from her window when she spotted the unfortunate soul barefooted and in a T-shirt running through the snow.

The woman has yet to come forward and be inducted into the Walk Of Shame Hall Of Fame identify herself, but we can only hope that somewhere out there a guy is kicking himself for his evil ways. One-night-stand or not, what self-respecting man would let a ~female companion~ out into one of the worst snowstorms the US East Coast has seen in years.

Although, she may have just creapt out without him knowing/popped out of her own home without shoes to get some milk from the store... Sadly, we will never know.


Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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