Tiny rescue pig cannot deal with softness of her new blanket

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And we cannot deal with this adorable video.

There’s nothing like the feeling of a soft blanket against your skin. But sadly, a piglet in the US state of Tennessee only recently discovered it.

The poor thing was rescued by a family three weeks ago and brought into a home after being found abandoned in the cold. The rescuer legends who named the animal ‘Piper’ added her to their existing pig clan, making them the proud owners of five pigs.

While they have an Instagram account chronicling their brood's adventures, it's a video of small Pipes that has swarmed the 'net. In it, the piglet is running around excitedly on the tiles of her new digs.


Until she realises her blanket feels kind'a nice. Watch what happens below.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar

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