There are 15 family emojis, except for this one

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With the new emojis you'll find every kind of family represented, whether that be a man and a woman with their kids, a man and a man with their kids, or a woman and a woman, but one family type is missing...

While it might seem as though the emojis have all their bases covered, one important type of family is missing - the single parent family.

Comedian and Brooklyn Nine Nine actress, Chelsea Peretti, raised the issue on Twitter recently:


And a lot of people are up in arms on Twitter...



Mic reports that more and more children in the US are growing up in non-traditional family environments with 34% of children living with an unmarried parent in 2013 according to research by Pew Research Center in 2014.

The Washington Post also reported, "Single motherhood has grown so common in America that demographers now believe half of all children will live with a single mom at some point before the age of 18."

Here in Australia there are 780,000 single mother families and yet in the emoji world, single parents still don't exist!

Those kids growing up in single parent families have as much right to feel normal - especially when emojis have become such a big part of the way we communicate nowadays!

So let's hope the next update comes with a single mum and dad with their kids!


Written By Gemma Prendergast
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