Supermarkets selling pre peeled fruit! Have we reached peak laziness?

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Have we become so lazy that we can’t even peel our own fruit…

Who would have known that a few pre peeled oranges would send the internet into a frenzy in 2016?!?

When a picture of some peeled oranges on sale at a supermarket in America made its way onto social media, people lost it. This photo had a lot of people questioning whether or not the human race has become to lazy. We mean peeling oranges is inconvenient and tricky–but COME ON PEOPLE!

Nathalie Gordon uploaded the image of the oranges to Twitter saying, 

If only nature would find a way to cover these oranges so we didn’t need to waste so much plastic on them.” 


Her post has been retweeted and liked over 60,000 times. The supermarket chain Whole foods even replied to her message saying, “Definitely our mistake. These have been pulled. We hear you, and we will leave them in their natural packaging: the peel.”


A spokesperson from Whole Foods told The Huffington Post,

“A lot of our customers love the convince of our cut produce offerings, but this was a simple case where a handful of stores experimented with a seasonal product spotlight that wasn’t fully thought through. We’re glad some customers pointed it out so we could take a closer look.” 

Although not everyone was happy that the pre-packaged product had been taken of sale…



This isn’t the first thing to prove that the world has reached peak laziness. Last week reported that millennials don’t eat cereal because it’s inconvenient.

Convenience is the one thing that’s really changing trends these days.”

If this Orange peel scandal has taught us one thing, it’s that controversy can be made over pretty much anything on social media these days. 

Written By Gemma Prendergast
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