Someone made maps of rental prices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

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Some ~bloody legend~ created maps showing you how many dollars you are saving/splurging on in rent., well done. The flatemate-finding website took train maps from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and added average weekly, share-home rental prices to each station stop. 

These brilliant creations are epic because a) you can calculate how much money you are saving or splurging by living in your suburb, b) you can calculate how much money your mates are saving or splurging by living in their suburb, c) you can then decide who should be shouting drinks this FriYay. 

"We wanted to show our users approximately how much they may need to spend to live in a desired area," Flatmates CEO Thomas Clement told Daily Mail Australia.

He added that he wanted to show renters how much they could save by living only a few train stops away from the city.

"Many people who live in shared accommodation in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, rely on public transport to get to work or university, so we also wanted to make planning easier for them. We decided to use the train maps as they are instantly recognisable and people are already familiar with their layout."

First up, Brissy, which boasts the cheapest rent prices of the three by far.


Next up, Melbourne. Take a gander at the nearly $100 difference between West Melbourne and West Footscray which is only three stops away.



And finally, we have Sydney. According to data, the city home to the Opera House and iconic Bondi Beach is 31% more expensive to live in than Melbourne, 42% more expensive than Brisbane, Canberra and Perth and 63% higher than in Adelaide. Sheesh.


Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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