Some legend invented a 'Bogan Burger' and you really need to see it

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Pie buns + burger meat = brilliant.

There’s a man in Melbourne named Jimmy Hurlston and he really likes burgers. Like, really, really likes them. He likes them so much that he dedicated an entire Instagram feed to photos of burgers. You can check that out here.

But there's one burger in particular you really, really gotta see. Daily Telegraph is dubbing it a 'Bogan Burger' and that's exactly what it is. Take a look at this:


Mmmmmmmajestic, right? Here's what Jimmy had to say about it:

"Epic flashback Friday to a few years back on Australia Day when I used some Four-n-Twenty meat pies as buns. 

It doesn't get more bogan than this and this was before the 'pie burger' was even a thing." 

Not a fan? How about this one? 


Jimmy deepfried macaroni and cheese to use it as a burger bun. Yes, really. And then how about this donut-bun one?


BRB, checking if Jimmy is available as a personal chef.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar

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