Some bogan legend invented a beer slushie machine

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Beer + slushie form = brilliant.

Remember when an ice pop on a hot summer day was pretty much the best thing ever? And remember last Friday when a beer after work was pretty much the best thing ever?

Some absolute legends from Japanese beer company Kirin Ichiban combined the two treats, and created this: 


A beer slushie machine aka the best invention ever.

Kirin first started selling the icy cold beers in special beer gardens in 2012. Fast forward a few years later and the company developed patented freezing technology for slushie machines available for at-home versions. And yep, there‚Äôs even a whipped frozen top to the beer.


The machine is available for puchase online via the Japan Trend Shop, but for a hefty cost. $98 US dollars plus shipping and, for some strange reason, C batteries. Also, all the setup instructions are in Japanese so good luck with that.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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